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CNC Shop Assets: Cincinnati

CNC Shop Cincinnati

All Craft in-house machining systems include advanced 2, 3, 4 and 5-axis machining centers, grinders, lathes, and deburring systems.

5-axis machining, where the cutting tool simultaneously rotates on the
A and B axes while traversing the X, Y and Z axes, provides the widest range of possibilities in parts geometry and envelope. It also gives you – and us – 6 important advantages that translate into higher part quality, and lower part cost.

These advantages include:

  • The ability to machine intricate shapes in one set-up
  • Reduced time for fixturing
  • Greater accuracy by avoiding handling across workstations
  • The use of higher cutting speeds
  • Superior part finishes
  • Shorter cycle times

The assets of All Craft’s Cincinnati CNC shop are ideally suited to the complex programs we support in the transportation, medical device, material handling, petrochemical, electrical component, and other
specialty industries.

Mazak Multiplex 620 Turn/Mill – twin spindle, twin turret with live tools, automated part loading/unloading Mazak Nexus 4000 Horizontal Machining Center – 18,000 RPM, 4 axis machining center 24” cube part size capacity Mazak HTC 400 Horizontal Machining Centers – 10,000 RPM, 4 axis machining center, 22” cube capacity Haas VF3 – 3 axis Machining Center – 20” x 40” x 20” part size capacity +4th axis indexing Mazak Integrex 300sy – 5 axis Mill/Turn – 22” Dia. X 40” long turning, +5 axis milling Mazak SQT18MS – Dual spindle turning center Mazak Quick Turn 20 – 2 axis turning centers with bar feed Mazak Quick Turn 20 – 2 axis turning centers Bridgeport mill DoAll lathe